Essay on kite flying in pakistan

People spend a lot of money on kites kites are flown in large numbers people compete with one another in kite flying some parties act as. Lahore is becoming the main focal point for the celebration of this festival in pakistan people traditionally fly kites on the roofs of their buildings it is commonly.

Basant mela is the kite flying festival of pakistan, celebrated mainly in lahore— the historic capital of pakistan the basant kite festival in lahore is celebrated in . Each april, the skies of berck-sur-mer explode with colour, as kites line up in choreographed displays to perform for the crowds pop down to see kite experts.

Basant festival is also known as jashan-e-baharan that means festival of spring to celebrate basant people fly kites and welcome the spring. Indeed a very large number of essays, newspaper articles and books each year, the all pakistan kite flying association, the district kite. Painting of basant ( kite festival in lahore pakistan ) ustad allah baksh basant festival -- kite battles the night before and genteel kite flying the next day pollution in pakistan essay in urdu pollution urdu essay pollution and its types.

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Essay on kite flying in pakistan

The ban on kite flying around the festival period in pakistan imposed due to use of dangerous, life-threatening substances in.

  • As if pakistan didn't have enough troubles to cope with on the ground, kite flying in its punjab province was deemed so treacherous it was.
  • A man flies a kite at sunset after a day-long kite flying festival, locally known as ' basant', in pakistan's eastern city of lahore, 09 february 2003, as officials said.

Come makar sakrant and kite flying becomes an instant fad in many regions of india look up into the sly and one gets to see a myriad kites. Kite flying is a popular activity in india and pakistan - but it is also dangerous thanks to the use of sharp strings laced with glass and metal, the.

essay on kite flying in pakistan Basant basant is a big festival of pakistan it is also known as a jashn-e-  baharan it is celebrated in february of each year the kite lover's like to fly kites  day.
Essay on kite flying in pakistan
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